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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Di Tagged oleh hada!

A. Available : Hmm Rm40 is inside my Braun Buffel purse :P

B. Birthday : Read by urself! :P 24 of october.....

C. Crushing on : with my lovely hubby la, Faiz :)

D. Drink you had last : Choc milk

E. Easiest person to talk to : My mom definitely!

F. Fav song at the moment : only girl by rihanna

H. Hometown : Johor because I hail from JB :P

I. In love with : My hubby!!

J. Junggle : Huh?! dunno what to say!

K. Killed someone : backstabber. If i could

L. Longest car ride : entah xingt ??

M. Milkshake Flavr : kiwi

N. Number of sibling : I'm the only child!! yeay!

O. One wish : pursue my MASTER at UK. Ameen!

Q. Question : Do u click my nuffnang ads?? Hehehe =D

R. Reason to smile : because u smile :)

S. Song u last heard : suria fm, dunt remember the title

T. Time u wake up : Morning of course...

U. Underwear colour : Need to mention? what if i said no colour, transparent ? hahaha

W. Worst habit : Bullying my turtle

Y. Yoyos are : poyo :P

Z. Zodiac sign : Scorpion bebeh :)

Tag to : people who read this :)

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Biqque Biqque said... [Reply]

jom ramai2 masuk giveaway i :D


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