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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I want the Dooodolls !!!

Yes I want a Doodolls plushies again!!
Hey hey not a Voodoo Dolls okey!
Voodoo Dolls very the scary mury okey
and Freakin me out u know.. Grrr
Ha! Ha! Ha!

I dunno why I luve doodolls stuff!
Maybe because of their appearance 
very unique yet hairy (plushie only)!
Ha! Ha!

Usually I buy the Dooodolls stuff at Popular OU.
Even though cant haggle the price T_T
(very pricey u know,for me lah)
I still can gain my points! Yeay!
Rm1 = 1 point

Here,I provide a few picture of mine.
X banyak pun. :D


My Pencil case for Semester 2 :)


Dooodolls note book.
Nice and colourful. Isnt? ehehe

Pieces baby :) Ni mcm my bf punye.
U still simpan lagi kn Pakwe?
If x, I punch u till ur teeth tinggl 2 batang je
Ha! Ha! =D

Scorpion baby :)
This 1 exactly the same as mine.
but, dunno lah toy ni kat mane kan T_T
Sorry sorry pakwe !

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