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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Yeay!! 8A's !!

Congratzz kpd student2 yg amel result PMR this year!
my cousin just dpt 5A 3B
but its ok la at least he got A kan..

Back to 2006,
Saya lah org yg paling happy sgt. hehe 
Pergi Jusco dgn my friends,siti & murni,
mkn dkt johny, gelak2 sume smbil mkn steambot.
Time ktowg x pikir pape,
heppy semacam sbb kami dpt flyng kaler result
hehe =)

Me & siti got 8A's whereas murni 7A & 1B,
But none of us pergi boarding school.
Saya apply mrsm but my mom x bgi pergi 
ok fine. Time UPSR pun mcm tu gak.
But then after SPM dpt matrikulasi,
 she have to let me flying pergi matrik
I x homesick pon taw =)

Now semuanya tinggal kenangan,
Me pun dah jadi student universiti.
I miss my old time, indeed =(

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