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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Penatnya jadi student Universiti!

I have alots of test this week! ( total 4 + 2 )
had 2 assignments but I already passed it up.
I keep thinking about the test and worry bout that..

as a result, I need to stay up to finishing all the syllabuszz..
just for a TEST!

but I neglect about the exam.. just a round d corner!!

 Yeah Im dyinggggg, sufferrrr gila ok!


cik violet cik violet said... [Reply]

jadi student la plg best even kene stay up smpi pg kadang tu xtdo sbb buat asiment --'

Murnie Murnie said... [Reply]

saye memahami!!!

hira hira said... [Reply]

samalah kita kak. sangat superb busy!

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