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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Snow at Lotte World~

Salam Readers~

Yesterday my korean buddy, my friend and me went to Lotte World~ Actually nak pergu during spring around April, but I scared that if during spring nanti mesti crowded gila even semalam yang sejuk lagi pun still ramai orang =.=" Dari Inha Uni, kami naik bus 9200 and sorry forget about the cost. huu~ After 1 hours dalam bus, kami tiba dekat Gangnam Station then naik subway and berhenti dekat Jamsil station. Tiket untuk 1 day pass actually 40 000 won. But my buddy ada card Lotte World so kami dapat murah around 28 000 won je! 

Welcome to Your Dream Land ^_^

Snapping with pokak botak !

At the entrance of LW

It's snowing! Please click on the picture to enlarge ^_^
 *Alhamdulillah my dream comes true!

Magic island = Outdoor theme park. 
I didnt play all the attraction since it's very cold out there >.<

Indoor park. French revolution is the best! But ting tong sekejap~

 Souvenir. Price is depend on design.
 Like mine is squirrel so 7500 won~RM22

 Mask Parade. Excited!!

 Creepy! spooky! nerve wracking! 
I hate it sesangat =.="

 4D Theater. Best sangat2 macam naik the real roller coaster~

 Cinnamon cake maybe? but sedap and no kogi huu~

actually we got around 40% discount. thanks ma buddy =P

auuww kawaii ! hee~ Okay I bought a lots of souvenir eventhough its pretty expensive T_T but its worth every penny. 

See You Again!


nabila azmi nabila azmi said... [Reply]

serononyela jalan2 kan=)=)

Hiddy Asri Hiddy Asri said... [Reply]

Manyak siok ma..

nazira nazira said... [Reply]



B33HA B3n B33HA B3n said... [Reply]

tye bleh...sehari bpe la feyqa blanje erk.. best je tgk jln2..

Edy Zaidi Edy Zaidi said... [Reply]

bestnya..nk g jugak!

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