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Thursday, December 9, 2010


Okey since this is my 1st contest...
I'll try my best to win the contest!!

This contest was organize by my authentic zone
Okey i suka hadiah dorg,,
It's VS body lotion or body mist..
hmm since I havent own any VS stuff..
so hopefully I menang :P
Perasan okey! 
*dlm hati berdoa :)

Okey bout my suggestion is..
  • 1st. Maybe the owner blh bwk baju2 dri brand Uniqlo.Their quality tu xpyh ckp la because kain dr Japan kan :) and then gegurl yg stay luar dr KL blh order thru on9 dkt my authentic zone and automatically ramai gegurl beli dri this blog!
  • 2nd. This blog blh gak jual kawai stuff lagi2 warna pink because I really2 head over heels dgn pinky stuff :). sya akn jdi pembeli tegar! cewah! 
  • Lastly, this blog blh buat set utk gegurl for instance set purse + perfume or set handbag + accessories and tell the blogger brpe dorg jimat dri beli separate item. :)

So.. I think ini saja yg pop-up dlm my head.
Hope fully those suggestion can help u alot. 
Thankies :)


nurayunni nurayunni said... [Reply]

bgus jgk tue...

Rosie Posie Rosie Posie said... [Reply]

really helps me a lot indeed... thanks dear for the brilliant suggestion! :P InsyaAllah.. will try my best to make it a better online shop in future :P Anyway..best of luck ya~

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