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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lagu berhantu! Takutnya~

 aku tak tau lagu ini sangat berhantu!
Mereka cakap lepas dengar lagu ini anda rasa nak bunuh diri.
Betul ke?
Tapi aku tak paham sepatah haram pun

Ini liriknya....

It is autumn and the leaves are falling
All love has died on earth

The wind is weeping with sorrowful tears

My heart will never hope for a new spring again
My tears and my sorrows are all in vain
People are heartless, greedy and wicked... 

Love has died!

The world has come to its end, hope has ceased to have a meaning
Cities are being wiped out, shrapnel is making music
Meadows are coloured red with human blood
There are dead people on the streets everywhere
I will say another quiet prayer:
People are sinners, Lord, they make mistakes...

The world has ended!

U'ols rasa boleh bunuh diri ke??


eyryn eyryn said... [Reply]

haha. . rase bese jewp. .
ta rase na bnoh diri pown . . =p

Anne Nurain Anne Nurain said... [Reply]

tade rase pape pon..

nur atirah nur atirah said... [Reply]

first time denga nie
---->gelak tak benti2..haha..

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