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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

stitchNknot 1st giveaway!

Feyqa nak join this contest =)
Wanna join too? 

Ok Feyqa really really like these craft because it's cute,tiny and creative.

Cute pastry keychain. 

Cute Kitten. Love ur big eyes kitten =D

I always get attracted to things like cute handmade craft and plushie.
I hope that I will be one of your winners.

And for the suggestions.
1. Maybe you can give your customers free 1 craft or plushie if they purchase more than 3 or 4 cute craft or free postage. Sure ramai beli =)
2. Maybe you boleh buat student's stuff such as pencil box, sling bag ke? I think it would be more interesting. hehehe =)



stitchNknot stitchNknot said... [Reply]

Thanks sbb sudi join my 1st GA!
And nice suggestion btw~

Princess Feyqa Princess Feyqa said... [Reply]

welcomee :)

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