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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Say Hello to Samsung Young!

Alhamdulillah =)

I felt so blessed today.
Didnt expect that my parents bought this samsung Y just for me.

Before this,im not interested with samsung. But dunno why lately most of my friends and family are start using this brand and i kinda like it. Samsung Y is very affordable and cute because it comes with colourful casing.

Ms Pinky Young! Tee hee

My new-cuddly-pillow. ( Fizzy )
My new collection of canimals stuff! 
Cute kan, kan? 


ninie_azriena ninie_azriena said... [Reply]

cumilnyer..cam empunya fon tu lah..
lately mmg ramai yg guna samsung..
rekaan dia cumil2 and ringan..huhu..
ninie skung pakai samsung champ.feyqa punya lagi power lah.. (n_n)

Princess Feyqa Princess Feyqa said... [Reply]

hehe thx ninie :)
hp ni murah je xsepower hp yg hrga rm2k hehe

nanakimie nanakimie said... [Reply]

bestnya dapat hp baru:)

Cik Kasut Cik Kasut said... [Reply]

alah hai bestnyer....comey..nak jugak :)

hira hira said... [Reply]

memang trend dah jenama samsung ni. hoho. bestnya. akak! murah tak? LOL

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