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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dear Hanis Haizi

Worship to your chanel everyday?
Dreaming about to get Chanel's stuffiezz??

Let's join contest by Hanis Haizi!


You Could WIN!

Dear Hanis Haizi...

I love your blog because your blog provides a lot of inspiration, interesting, and it's really suit for my gloomy days! Sometime your blog makes me think that I should be grateful because we often take for granted the things that most deserve our gratitude plus I read your blog since you are not joining the PB group and I saw your that your life is changing day by day! You are my insipiration and I hope when Im graduated, I want to joining you group and makes you as my mentor in a business world! Please, please let me have the CHANEL surprise gift you mentioned (here)

She owned a huge Chanel's stuff! 

*drooling* all these prizes are waiting for the new owner! 
too bad if you are not joining this!

hope boleh la menang hehe.
Kalau korang nak join, click here okay :)

This contest brought to you by this gorgeous blogger! Hanis Haizi!

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