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Friday, February 10, 2012

Battery Mickey Mouse

Salam Readers~

The limited edition Walt Disney 110th Anniversary series

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

It comes with 2 different colour, white and red. I dont know the exact price but probably it quite reasonable price. How to order? just click this link ----> panasonic

Sexy, vibrant, glossy colour kan?!


Eyeme Eyeme said... [Reply]

huhu..comel2...bape hari lg nk ke korea?hihi

cinta siswi cinta siswi said... [Reply]

menarik hati tol la battery nie.. :)

Princess Feyqa Princess Feyqa said... [Reply]

@Eyeme masih ada minggu2 lg, syg nk tglkn mlysia :P

Princess Feyqa Princess Feyqa said... [Reply]

@cinta siswi kan3 hehe

xila riston xila riston said... [Reply]

gila comei!!! ehh maknanye befday kite samelaaaa

zulhilmi tempoyak zulhilmi tempoyak said... [Reply]

fuyooo.. kim slm kat awek korea na.. hee

Tihara Tihara said... [Reply]

salam ..

nice blog..jemput join segmen di blog kami..ada hadiah juga :)..jum

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